Jeva Design, making walls bold and expressive!

Our story began with one single concept, to highlight the walls in any room. So the idea was simply, create a product that was hands on and expresses passion. The founder, Jennefra Angulo created Artiifex; an artisan  plaster. A hand-apply finish that is tougher then paint, flexible and very low maintenance. 

We take great pride in our designs and delivering a distinct experience. Our artists strive to be perfectionists when it comes to their craftsmanship.



This finish was formulated to duplicate the look and feel of natural stone and concrete. Tenacious but stylish by the attention to detail, this pattern will definitely give character to your walls. Coarse creates the perfect complement to your visual happiness. 



Craftsmanship, beauty and sophistication with a soft appearance is what smooth is all about. This breathtaking pattern mimics a lightly polished marble which keeps the walls visually interesting.  



With a wide variety of color and texture we can create endless patterns, anywhere from brush marks, to a distressed look, to any beautiful decorative effect imagine. This is where we truly let the artistry shine.



Specially developed for the person who appreciates geometric patterns. It’s minimal yet artsy with a mature style.



She knows that with color and texture there are infinite design combinations that are possible.
Jennefra Angulo was introduced to the world of wall design and she instantly fell in love. She has always considered herself to be a creative person, an artist. She is a visionary leader with great multi-tasking skills and loves working with people, someone who goes past the design aspect and sees how the design interacts with the client. She knows that with color and texture there are infinite design combinations that are possible.

Jennefra graduated from NYU in 2008 with a bachelors in Studio Art and has over 12 years of experience in the industry. With an unwavering dedication, Jennefra has taken her experience and knowledge that she’s gained and started Jeva Design in 2016. She works closely with the sales team to provide her clients with the desired look they envision. Jennefra believes that her business mind set, creative abilities, and great customer service skills sets her apart. This personal journey has made her really focus on providing visual happiness.